Pisces, Virgo Rising

It was that time in life where possibilities remained boundless and everyone young at heart could feel energy in everything. The music spoke to us and somehow we felt as if we just had to reach out and someone was there. Life was, well, bigger than life.

Songs spoke to our very being. We collected albums to play on our turn tables in our apartments or duplexes with four foot high speakers in our living rooms. The TV was always tucked into the corner of the living room and that is if you even had one, but if you had the room to add one more couch to the living room, you would. Then more friends could hang out or most likely end up crashing for the night. The price of admission was to bring a six pack and maybe some chips.

Maybe someone had a joint being passed around, but hey that might have been your house.

Oh, the beautiful "chicks" those halter tops, bell bottom pants, hang ten clothes, faded shirts, "chords" the pants for those of you who don't know. Man, I'm there in our past right now.

It was the thing to find yourself fading into the night wherever you were and crashing. (sleepover) Maybe you were at the beach with a bonfire, at a friends house doing a BBQ or maybe you and yours camped at the beach or headed for the local desert or mountains. That is where this story is taking us today.

Danny's Song by: Loggins and Messina

Kenny (Loggins) gets married to his wife, both being naked at the alter with friends behind them.  I think my life seemed pretty calm compared to that according to me, but don't ask anybody who knows me. Sidenote: don't ask anyone even now.

I miss so much from yesterday my heart aches and hurts, but I am truly blessed and with limited time on earth. I would stand in that "line" to gain another two hundred years.

Humm, okay, I'm back... almost.

By the age of a twenty I had traveled to almost all the fifty states by way of hitchhiking or greyhound and or train. I learned to hop on trains in Florida and ride them everywhere. Earn a bit of pocket change and keep traveling to the future.

In San Diego I started to slow up from the traveling and took a job in La Jolla.  I lyed about my age as I was under twenty one but was already gaining on the silver hair so I looked ten years older and the job I wanted served alcohol so I had to be over twenty one.

What? Put me in charge?  Sure! Within a few days this cute girl about eighteen applied for a job as a waitress. Hey, stay with me I know you are wondering away with your own ending. Okay, maybe your thoughts are correct. That's all I'm saying.

Yes, you're right. I hired her and yes, you're right again, I might have asked her out. I had a really nice Ford Galaxy with a 8 track (music). This is where I'm going to jump ahead a a bit in the story and you will know why buy the end of the story.

We did get married but not because you're thinking she was pregnant. Okay, she did become pregnant later on but that was after months, not days of camping trips. That old cool Ford took us everywhere.

Okay, now the story changes. I traded that "cool Ford" which I miss for a Relly.. Opal Kadet station wagon. Hey, we knew we maintained our cool and now we were three.

We did adjust our way of traveling. With our son in a weaved basket carrying all his needs like an open backpack he wanted nothing and smiled at everything with two "hippy" lad back parents to be his travel guides.

One night in our travels and listening to the am radio just beyond our tent in the local mountains at a place called Black Canyon outside of Ramona, CA we heard what would become our life long song "Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins and with one stoke of the pen Kenny wrote

"Pisces, Virgo rising
Is a very good sign
Strong and kind
And the little boy is mine
But, now I see a family
Where once was none"

One of us was born under the sign of pisces another born of the sign of virgo and the little boy was ours.

Lets you and I take a ride in our minds. Where are you? I'm sitting in a camp chair right now listening to the wind blowing through the trees while camping with friends, texting with my baby momma. Where are you taking us today?

Maybe this is why we sit on the sand or sit in our chairs and look to the ocean or the mountains and connect our hearts and souls to our breath one more time.


The Wolf

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