Are those your Eyes? Is that your Smile

Are those your eyes, is that your smile?

Serious, I can't sleep and it's almost 2am and I'll be on location in a couple of hours but this is me not sleeping and sharing with you a story.

I was just a kid hitch-hiking my way from N.Y. back to San Diego but this night I'm thumbing my way through a very hot muggy Atlanta Georgia and I'm hungry.

The last ride ended at some crazy east side exit and everything around me seemed to be filled with bars and pizza joints scattered down the street. Looking in the open bar doors I could look in to see what the night life was like and then I would look into the pizza joints windows watching as someone was tossing pizza dough in the air to create the next pizza.

Family pizza that's what the sign on the door said so I walked in and made my way to the counter and asked for the manager. I asked for a night of work and just like that I was washing pots and pans. Before I realized it I felt I was somewhere and not just on some highway hitch hiking another mile somewhere.

That's all... everything was clean and the people who once filled the dinner were gone.

I felt the hand touching my shoulder and showing me a go box filled with some pizza. Looks like it's time to toss the backpack to it familiar postion on my back as I'm walking to the door.

My heart was broken because for a few hours I belonged to something and I knew travel was beyond their closed doors. I didn't know at first but this was a family pizza place and at the door stood someones mother and her daughter who was hugging her mother as if she was witnessing something that was breaking that little girls heart.

I was causing that little girls heart to break.

I was having life learning experiences by traveling and connecting with others and this lesson still remains with me today. The little girls eyes connected with mine as she clung onto her mother repeating different versions of why mom and dad could not let me leave into the dark beyond their door. As I stepped even close to the door her cries became over whelming and just as I open the door I felt the arms of someone wrapping around my body and crying as if her first love had just broken her heart and now my heart was starting to receive the pain.

I released the door and handed the box to her father as I looked him in the eyes and returned the gift of the hug and would continue to hold that hug till we both became calm to being relaxed.

I placed my hands to her face and whispered in her ears you are a true spirit, not to worried about me but to think about me and I would also think about her. I told her that in a few days I would be on the west coast standing at the ocean and as I look to the ocean I will say to her that I am home and I am okay and you are still a wonderful spirit.

It was a bit longer till I stood at the oceans edge but when I did I watched the waves and when the time arrived I tossed the neckless to the sea as she had whispered in my ear to do for her.

Too many years have passed and by now she's all grown with a family of her own but she will always be that little girl at the family pizza place that wanted to save my life that night.

Wow, it's almost 3am and I really need a short sleep before the drive. Maybe sometime today I'll get in a power nap.

You, what will you do with this day?


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