Are you Cheating when?

Are you “cheating” when?

One day I hiked too far into the desert climbing up a mountain that took several hours just to capture photos. Time escaped me and as the sun was casting shadows I knew I would never make it back before dark and I also knew I had just screwed myself.

That night the temperature dropped below freezing and I had a long night of "energy dancing" trying to stay warm.

I was dancing with the stars with my arms stretched singing what ever words popped into my crazed mind.

It's times like these that somehow the world becomes right.

You think about friends, loved ones, you have beautiful conversations speaking out loud and speaking while yelling, crying everything ends well with love and hugs till morning and then the fake world comes alive again.
Whoa, dial it back Derek and get back on track about the cheating.

Last night the emergency hatch above my bed was wide open and I fell asleep watching the stars and night clouds floating by and the world was right again.

This morning I tuned on the bluetooth speaker attached to the phone and with smooth jazz playing I started the (yes I did) started the electric coffee pot with bagels in the toaster.
I not only have one a pillow I have three and one is a body pillow. (you gals know what that is).

My camping neighbor must be an electrician because he has a nice power box outside with an electric stove grille cooking breakfast, electric bicycles, two canopies, camper trailer with power-slides and looks like he just stepped out of a shower. I'm sure his family slept very well.

What am I trying to say:

Life is like a box of chocolates. no, that's not it.

When you can go camping, or go for a walk, go for a swim, take a hike, (bring a jacket and water) Do this to change the tune that playing in your brain. Your words will soften and that part of you that's your friend will appear again to hug you.

Life will be wonderful and then you can practice carrying those thoughts over to your "real life".


Derek Wolf

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