Gently Weeps

I don't know how you were inverted

More than just yesterday I met her on the train traveling down the tracks from Eugene, Oregon to San Diego, CA.
I had been sitting in the upper car looking out the window lost in to many thoughts of how I wanted the world to change my past.

Along came a spider and sat down beside me placing her guitar in my lap. I could not see her face yet as her hair protected her view however I was becoming captured with her rose essence and now seem to be free falling... I held her guitar.

As she brushed her hair back from her face just on my side as if we were the only ones involved in this moment she began with a soft voice as we connected eyes "if you are going my way and buy me a class of wine I can be yours for awhile and we can share stories"

And the story begins with the glass of wine.

I left my own stories of staring out the window and hoping to make my world better and joined the next adventure and here she is.

Where did the rest of the people disappear in our upper train car. I remember the rumble of the voices of others, the noises of potato chips bags being crushed in their desires and now all that had left beyond was our space as if we were held in some sort of detention where nothing became part of our conversation.

Testing your true powers of "allowing" can be a real art.

I found myself listening as she spoke and the conversation of my brain warping the truth. I decided to stay in the allowing.

Sarah arched her back and grab my wrist and pulled herself to stand up as she stepped beyond the seat and reached with her right hand to touch the passing conductor on the shoulder. I could only hear whispers and pointing forward to the next car. As she turned towards me curling her finder to summon me to come along I noticed her long fingers and black as night nail polish. Now, I am even further from my window of thoughts and saving my life and the world.

With my camera bag slung over my shoulder once again and now with one guitar in hand we headed forward into the future.

We moved through one sliding door to the middle between cars and another sliding door opens. As the door closes behind I am now following Sarah ever moving forward.

There is an open area in the middle section of the upper train car where she places our wine glasses on the table and reaches out her arms to share that we have the whole train car to ourselves and would till we reached San Francisco tomorrow.

Our glasses of wine became sharing a bottle with dinner. The evening conductor treating us as if we owned the train car continue to come around ever so often to see to our needs.

9, 11, 1, 3am the witching hour.
The conversations had all been put to bed and as Sarah reached for her life companion I reached for my camera bag.The lights in the train car lightly lit I took focus with her eyes, I placed the camera in my lap.

"I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping" her words took over everything. Her voice and each note of the guitar took me on the rabbit hole journey. I was not going to recover from this... ever. Just as the smell of her carried the rose the sound of her voice carried the rose.

Does the rest of the night matter well, some trains stories as better kept between us, but, we are close friends here so I am going to share Sarah's song with you and a link to the song so that today you may find yourself being carried away and away from your window of fixing your life and the world.
Derek Wolf 

YouTube: Santana - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Official Video

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