Man Purse

Is the man purse back in style yet?

Once upon a time I was just carrying car keys.
House keys
Cell phone
Lip balm

SPF to protect my face and of course wrinkles around the eyes and nose and oh top of the ears.
Reading glasses
Phone charger and cable
pocket knife
baseball cap (now an extra one) not sure when that started.
surgical gloves
face mask. NOT just one mask but a couple extras.

Even, extra mask for strangers just in case they give that Ooops I forgot mine look and sigh. Yes, but I have to say it feels good to share.

Backpacks and fanny packs are out.
BUT I have to say when I wear my cool leather fanny pack on my hip it does "feel" cool. Maybe that's just me. ; )

I'm not cutting my hair ANYMORE (what's left anyway) it's my stance against "the man" or "the covid" It's my cause that unattached for now.

When a cowboy carried his saddle bags over his shoulder to enter the bar was that the first man purse. just sayin'

WAIT... my story is drifting away off topic. The questions is:

Is the man purse back in style yet?


Derek Wolf
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