O-O-H Child

Before music was on TV I fell in love with radio music and with a tube radio jacking my head up way in the air under my pillow I would fight going to sleep. That radio would get so hot from the tubes I'd burn the left ear.
 My hunger grew. I had to sneak out of bed to watch Soul Train on TV once the folks were asleep.
Then when I learned about concerts and James Brown was playing downtown I snuck out the bedroom window and rode my bike to the bar and the guards  would let me in the concert because... who knows. I felt untouchable running around in the dark and by the time I would get home I would have to get ready for school. The folks took me to the doctors once thinking something was wrong as I kept falling asleep throughout the day.
I'd ride my bike to another part of town never giving the distance any thought to hear BB King, Oh, how I loved Diana Ross and the Supremes.
Let's talk Darlene Love!
Man I'd love to hear her sing in person and spend the day with her.
What am I trying to say.
My life was brought to life and mostly likely yours was too from the songs and words that were created.
The radio allowed our eyes to see life and take in all the colors around us and apply songs to the person we loved, the trees we watched dancing with the wind, the feel of life.
The TV allowed us to see who sang our songs and touched our souls. The concerts gave us love from out seats to the stage and back again, and again.
I woke up this morning with the song dancing in my brain and now maybe we can dance together today.
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Derek Wolf

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