Tapping at your Inner Thoughts

Oh to wake up at 3am and you can not go back to sleep because some dream keeps tapping at your inner thoughts trying to make its way to your waking thoughts.

You know, it is like waiting for a water balloon to pop.
I am sure you have had this experience too where you can feel like it's something big that is coming.

Ever wake up and just been mad!

Yes, and if you are sleeping with someone you find yourself looking at them and know they did something wrong that they need to confess. Haha. I know you know. Yes, you do.

Just when you need answers you smacked that person in the arm while they're sleeping because they were taking too long to wake up... OH, just me ; )

I have an errand to run this morning and I am leaving a bit early with my camera bag over my shoulder to go sit on a bench at an old Indian cemetery that I have been visiting since I was a child. For what ever reason sitting on the beach has been reappearing in my thoughts for a couple of weeks as I am in need of honoring the spirits there. Yes, of course I will post a photo sometime mid morning for you to see where I am talking about.

I will leave you with this thought this morning. Ready?

Sometimes the best journey can be heading to the kitchen, grabbing something hot to drink and a snack and racing back to bed to hide like a church mouse.

Be the church mouse today or better yet plan for tomorrow early morning.

Derek Wolf 

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