The Band

"The Band" But the girls were so pretty.

A few hundred of us took a ride on our bikes riding from Los Angles to Bike week in Daytona. Back then a lot of us rode our bikes low and long. Our bikes had personal names like any boat would. Seasoned riders would ask what type of "sled" you rode or "scooter" The reference was that your bike was long like a Santas sled or that you and your ole lady was "scooting" around and seeing the US.

I left San Diego and hooked up with hundreds of bikers around Yuma, AZ. Some wore colors and some were vets just grouping together. I hooked in a splinter group in Yuma and stayed connected to somewhere in Texas where it started to feel like I was traveling on a big yellow bus.

One last meal and I'm splittin' off on my own. I can find my own adventures.

Some big mall, somewhere in Texas we took over the parking center. a few hundred bikes with the local sheriffs and Staters (state troopers) parked just beyond us. A few of us captured our seats inside the mall restaurant.

Long hair and beards, wearing Levi vest with pins, bandanas, and some with arm candy I suppose we looked more like a rock and roll band without our bikes, we took over the booth.

We took notice a few of the girls/waitress poking each other, giggling, smiling and standing just slightly behind their counter pointing to us. We were rode beat and as we watched them watching us it and I have to say it brought back some energy to the group.

One girl took lead while her friends/waitress crew followed closely behind. I would have to say they looked like jets in flight in a V form.
I can't remember if we were even hungry anymore as this show was taking over. I was sitting second or third person in when the waitress looked over the group and her eyes took focus on mine and that is when she asked.

"Are you guys a band or something like that"

We began to agree with her and the volume from the guys agreeing and pointing to each other saying they played the guitar or the drums, well, the air was getting thick for sure.
I took lead on my lies and said "yes" we're a traveling band. In my defense I was caught up in the moment and she was a breathe of fresh air and cute.

The next few seconds would be the turning point of no return.

Julie extended her right arm like a ninja and in her hard was a pen and paper asking for us to sign it while asking who we were. I took the bait. Okay, I took the paper and pen and placed it on the table. I could her the sounds of clanking dishes from somewhere else which means my table just became very quiet.

I wrote the name of our band and then passed the paper around for everyone to sign. We saw the look on our newly founded groupies faces and now the unspoken words were known. We could not break these girls hearts and so we signed. we ate, we hugged the girls/fans and headed east. I rode on alone the rest of the way to Florida.

Somewhere in a small town at a Mobile gas station at 4am just as I was about to leave Texas I told my story to a few farmers having their morning coffee together at a table behind the counter while I was trying to warm up from riding in the brittle cold. I think the one farmer said it right when he said to his buddy "see we're all the same... boys...

Oh, I bet you're wondering if I was going to leave you hanging on the name of our group. At the restaurant the song playing "The Weight"... The Band.
Here is that song on: You Tube:The Weight


Derek Wolf

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What does the song The Weight by The Band mean?
The "weight" is the load that we shoulder when we take on responsibility or when we try to do good. But it's also the heaviness that presses down on us when we fall into "sin" or wrestle with "temptation." It's a song about a universally human dilemma