The Prayer

The Prayer

Tonight, you and I are on the mountain top in San Pedro, CA at one of the multi million dollar homes on someones back patio looking east watching as the sun behinds us cast shadows beyond the swimming pool, beyond my glass of wine and beyond my reach.

Earlier this day my photoshoot ended after days of capturing photos at the beach and now I am exhausted. Tonight will be my last night at my paradise home where the world is all mine once I closed the front door and stand on that patio.

To my left just in the shadows of my vision is a very welcoming pool pushing steam vapors in swirls around my feet. I fill my glass of wine and decide to follows my thoughts to a place where I have been a millon times before as I look east to the dark skies approaching one last time.

To my right holding my glass of wine from falling to the ground is a custom outdoor kitchen with everthing you could or would ask for and an outdoor juke box. I see the last song played was: "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli. I pushed play and as quickly as the sun had set and the darkness had blocked my eyes from seeing the glass held by my hand the night sky was becoming brighter as I looked back to the east.

Have you ever had the feeling that of all your senses were being takening over and controlled by something much bigger than yourself and you either had to make the decision to grab yourself and stop the freefall or allow yourself to travel. Let us travel tonight.

The earth was being conquered by the moon as she dominated the dark and grew ever larger. I had only seen a full moon of this size once before a hundred miles off the coast of Florida. "The Prayer" started to play and as I felt the cold air causing my eyes to water I began stepping into my private heated pool.

The moon continued to travel upward and to my right heading for the open seas while I listen to the song again and my goal was simply to match the feeling of the wine to the music while I begin my journey of standing chest deep in this comfort pool and grabbing every little detail as I knew one day I would tell this story to you and I would be able to convince you that this place existed was more just a dream of one night.

Where am I right now? well, listing to The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion and drifting between stories but pausing to feel this story as if it's tonight once again.

  It's amazing how our lives can change and turn with just one simple event and like that here we are.

What's my share with you this evening.

Forgiveness is not forgetting or allowing again. It's about detaching your pain associated with the deed. The forgiveness is forgiving yourself to release your pain... understand?

So the next time you find yourself looking to the full moon take a deep breath and slowly relax your breath and release your thoughts with the wave of air from your body and just breathe and if you just happen give a bit of time to listen to:  "The Prayer" with Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion their yours waiting tonight.


Derek Wolf

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