When you Sleep with the Animals

See what happens when you sleep with animals.

Sometimes in life we have to make a choice with our friends. Do we stay up late and enjoy a late night dinner, or maybe a bonfire at the beach or if your friend has a ranch with a few ranch animals and you want to pet and spend sometime with the horses, baby pigs and the birds you might find yourself there.

Really, it was the constant pecking at my "bits" that woke up me or maybe the laughter and cute sounding awes.

We are all friends here so let's share.

I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, you know the kinds, not starbucks but "fresh" I know you and I can tell the difference and I just knew what I was also smelling the hashbrowns cooking and creating that wonderful sounds that whispers in your ear... wake up the world wants you today!

Yes, I know you are laughing at the "the world really wants you today"

With an overly full stomach. Wait, can we agree it is great to have friends because everyone knows we are going to stuff our faces with great food. note: it is like having breakfast in bed... that feeling.
Coffee in one hand and camera bag over the shoulder I head out to the back forty (ranch talk) and our first visit (you and I) is to talk to the horses. Slight detour to the pigs and with coffee still in one hand and at last to the ducks and swans.

The gate does not have a lock and I am going in just like the rest of us would to visit pet the critters.   ; ) There is a semi clean spot to sit on the ground so with the side of my boot I brush the ground and place my camera bag as I done in the past as a head rest.

Did you know birds like coffee too.
With my hat tilted slightly downward, listing to the sounds of my new friends, coffee cup by my side and a camera bag now serving as my pillow and not a head "rest" I find myself resting / sleeping always with the morning breakfast, with the sounds of horses, pigs and the beautiful baby birds.

I swear it only felt like twenty minutes of nodding out but below my belt line was the mother of these little cuties pecking away at me. Did she want more coffee? or maybe a bagel? NOoooo, she was pecking to create her place to lay down and as I was watching her I heard a passing voice say "she's found a warm place to lay down, guess you will be there awhile".

What am I trying to say?
Grab yourself a cup of something hot, walk outside, and find yourself a place to sit a bit and just breathe in the day. Just maybe a friendly critter like your dog or cat will find comfort with you too. Oh, and protect your coffee.


Derek Wolf

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