CARNATIONS: Do you just love them or what?

OH SATURDAY: what to do, what to do...What ever it is be sure to enjoy your day. Yes, you!

SHARING: last night I continued to work on the blogging teaching manual till I could see out the window and across the field as the sky was getting brighter and with a very short nap I'm back at it. Who knew coffee could work so well to stay up for so many hours and now it's 2:00 in the afternoon.

 YEAH: I found someone to correct my writings so that...well.. we all can understand what I'm trying to teach at

YOUTUBE: I realized last night I have to up my smiling game and it's mostly due to recording so late at night and being tired. Maybe a pre nap would help.

CARNATIONS: Do you just love them or what, because this one is for you. 🥀


Derek Wolf