Date Night at the Hospital


SUNDAY: This photo has so many wonderful colors. You can find yourself drawn to everything once you see the over all picture. Your eyes began to explorer the canvas and enjoy the experience of the different shapes and colors. This is one of the captures that takes you somewhere else... don't you agree?

SATURDAY NIGHT: date night at the hospital.
One of the local hospitals has a triage unit outside of the emergency building with the outside tall glass flame heater burners creating heat as needed. If you let yourself go for a second you might think this is the way an emergency visit should be but really not because it's just that the dark night, cool air along with the heat that felt nice.

SUNDAY MORNING: I'm not sharing why we were at the hospital (everything is okay) but sharing the experience and of the length of efforts the hospital created to keep everyone safe including the much needed staff.
TO MASK OR NOT TO MASK: I suppose it doesn't really matter where we stand on the issue or why it's even an issue. BUT: if you think or know wearing a piece of cloth on our face for a minute or two would keep another person safe so that they can live another day... maybe we should follow that thought
SHARING: Let me say spending the night at the hospital was a nice experience and maybe minus the Covid experience having a bit more space between people is nice. Driving with a few less cars (minus the arse we encounter) I know you have had your share too. There's something nice about talking with the person beside you and not feel the assembly line feeling of push and shuffle. Again, I'm sure you know what I mean.

SUMMONING UP: If you're young... great but once we get older and tonight we both are... there's something very very special about hugging arms to support each other as we walk and talk. This tiny gesture in life is BIG in the over experience of what we call life.
SLEEP TIME: So, I am able to stay awake all night but now I have to sleep.


When the day is over (just for this day) it is that person in your life that matters the most and let's hug our pets. 


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