Her name is Oahu

I first met her fifty plus years ago. I was taken with her from the moment she came into my life. She was intoxicating. I found myself wanting, and then needing, to spend more time with her. 


We started with walks on the beach, a shared glass of wine, and the warm glow of the sunset, only to be surprised by the morning sun rising. I think I shared more of myself than I had thought I would.


Throughout the day I continue to feel her whispers enveloping my body. I’ve heard whispers like this many years ago but from somewhere, someplace else; or maybe it was all just a faded dreamscape memory.

We first met in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the airport and again, later that night, in Waikiki Beach. I followed her to a few local spots like Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach, and Magic Island. As quickly as we started, it ended; and just like that, I had to return to my current world of somewhere else. Time passed, and life continued to create distance.

Last year I came back to Hawaii and decided to walk the perimeter of Oahu. I needed something to restart in my body, my soul, and my mind. I was needing something that I couldn’t even understand. I needed a part of me back—whatever it was that I was looking for in my journey.

It was during this time she found me again. She was actually with me the whole time, but I couldn’t see or hear her till I could. She was waiting for me to see her. Life can be so full that I’m not sure when the moment happened; but I do remember everything came from a slow fade to pure energy.

The best way I can describe her to you would be: Have you ever experienced watching the beauty of a Polynesian woman dancer? 


There is a flow in the dance that begins as her feel lightly touch the earth while continuing movement. The motion moves through her ankles, to her knees, and to her hips, telling her story. 


Her arms and hands are creating gestures, telling the story of life (me ola), love (aloha), and family (o’hana). Between the rhythmic beating drums and the pure beauty of the Polynesian dancers, your soul is connected to the experience.

Some of you already know the girl, the sister of the Hawaiian Islands, the woman, and the mother. I’m introducing you to her, and her name is Oahu. She moves to her own music and dance, and she’s beautiful. The sun rises and sets with you and her.

Derek Wolf

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