Hello, you can click on the arrow to play the video and look to the lower right corner of the video and click to see the Manatee in a full screen. 
It's Friday Oct 16th and I hope you're having a good day. 

MANATEES: Once upon a time with a few friends fishing on an old pier that not even the local sheriff would step onto to get us to leave because it was falling apart so bad we felt as if we owned that pier.
Late night and too young to be drinking southern comfort.. yuck and fishing on that old pier watching every now and then as a manatee "sea cow" would float by us just under the surface only added to the memory.

The challenge began about who would jump off the street bridge just beyond the pier where traffic traveled till about midnight then everything was ours till morning with only the sounds of the night.

The bridge had an arch and with every dare we separated ourselves further from the water below. I think it was about my third drop from the bridge to the river surface that on my way down as the depth of the water became clearer that I noticed below a moving shadow.

Please don't let it be a very big arse gator in brackish water like we had seen many times before. It was a very lucky night for both of us. The manatee was on the way down and so was I which minimized our surprised contact together.

I must have looked like a underwater cowboy as my body straddled that sea cow like.. well.. a cow. I think about the manatee from time to time and how I ended up just being really sore and didn't break my pelvis. Just a night of being young.

WHAT'S MY POINT: Don't drink and jump off bridges with friends. I know it's happening all over the world.


Derek Wolf