"Oh, Deer” or “Oh, Dear”?

The trees in the Oregon forest designed a beautiful open field where deer and moose grazed and where I could discover a wonderful photo to share with you. A sky-bound tree would become my early morning friend as we waited for the sunrise; and just like that, I fell asleep listening to the music of nature.

Something was breathing on my face. I slowly open my eyes to witness the biggest moose looking at me looking at him. One lick to my face and he waked away like a drunk person with his wobbly legs.

After several hours I relocated to the field and just sat. The tall grass allowed me to sit up and see all around the field. I decided to just lie back and watch the clouds. I fell asleep once again, but this time I woke with the sound of a car. I lifted up just a bit and saw the car with the dust trail attacking the back end, so I laid back down and continued to watch the clouds. However, the car was getting closer, and I felt a bit uncomfortable. I tilted my head back and could see the car through the grass while my camera rested on my chest, ready for the next photograph.

The car stopped, the cloud of dirt surrounded the car and someone leaped from the back seat and now was running in my direction. My head still tilted back watching. It was a woman running into my field. One more step and she would have kicked me in the head. Should I roll to one side? Should I say something? I remained still. It was then she pivoted around on one foot, put her hands on each side of her pants, pushed them down to her knees, squatted, and begin to pee. The nicest way I can put this is this was my first golden shower experience. Now, I had several choices at that very second. Say “hey” or just be quiet. I mean, if I startled her, I would think it would affect her life forever; and if she fell back onto me, that would be even worse.

There’s a song, Taxi, by Harry Chapin and this verse: “Well, another man might have....” So I chose to allow the moment to continue. I know you’re wondering what happened next. Well, she stood up, pulled up her pants, and ran back to her friends; then everyone drove away. So, if you ever find yourself pulling to the side of any road, look around. Look around and down. There may just be a photographer waiting for the perfect photo.

Derek Wolf

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