Our Little Girls

 When do we become kind to our little girls?

Do we embrace them as someone special when they’re born, or do we miss the moment? One day they all will show signs of their bodies maturing maybe before they’re ready. Do we embrace them for their experience, or do we make them painfully aware?

A little girl at five years old is showing signs of growing breasts. Do we protect her from what she is about to endure with chest grabbing, foul language, and attacking her spirit?

Someone’s sister is thirteen years old; her father holds no self control of how he’ll take advantage of her body while the life light slowly leaves her eyes, replaced with a depth most will never know.

At the age of twenty, a young woman decides to have her breasts removed because the boys have been staring at them since the age of twelve, making comments, and touching her. Now she wishes to feel the sun on her body, and now there’s nothing to see. Is she breaking some law about being shirtless, because she looks no different than any man, or does she?

A daughter shares what men older than myself say to her. Sometimes there are laws being broken; but more than that, moral laws are being crossed, and spirits are being fractured.

I met her when she died. The call came late that night; and we arrived at the young woman’s apartment, her age stopped at twenty-one. The scene had become familiar; she was lying in the bathtub, relieved of these pain she had been enduring twenty minutes earlier. The gun landed next to the letter explaining why she had to go. Someone excessively complained about her not being to their liking.

Another woman, beyond my years and living on the street, sits on the park bench next to me to get away from her attacker, praying for a respite. She begins with how she’s so tired of breast grabbing and someone trying to push her to her knees. She points to a few being attacked while onlookers walk by. What’s the resolve?

Their stories need to be shared, and tonight just happens to be the night.

Our Little Girls

Derek Wolf

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