SKIN HUNGER: Did you know "skin hunger" is a real thing?

SHARING:  my thought and feelings in the park one day with someone who means the world to me and with her response... that's food hunger!

WELL, HUG ME THEN: Skin hunger describes our universal need to be touched and, like true hunger, the health consequences of being starved of it.

YESTERDAY: was a great day to be at the San Diego Balboa Park to just sit on a park bench with someone you love and feel the slight breeze brushing faces with our growing conversation.

SQUIRRELS: It seems the squirrels are not so shy any longer and if you're not careful they might just run up your pant leg in protest for food as we almost discovered.

SUNSETTING: as the sun was casting long shadows I was able to capture a few photos of the buildings in the park and here's a special capture for you to enjoy.

Derek Wolf

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