Swimming with the Dolphins

I was about to dive into the water, miles away from any land but staying close to the yacht in the Pacific Ocean between the islands of Oahu, and Maui, I quickly knew that I'd be back in heaven when swimming once again with the dolphins. You see, I've swam with them before but in a controlled environment but, getting into the ocean and even closer to those beautiful wild dolphins made me realize how much I missed them even more.

So, this time, I jumped into the ocean with lots of dolphins around, like a hundred or more, and make no mistake, though, cause the first time you're surrounded by dolphins in the wild, concerns about your own well-being comes to mind especially when you first get into the water with the them, that's when your brain is really racing around trying to remember what the lessons were that you had been taught in school about dolphins or maybe even watched on TV with the National Geographic.

Right now, I'm finding myself swimming close to the dolphins, but this time I can see there are lots baby dolphins coming towards me all at one time and that I am being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. I've never experienced this before. I could feel the elders keeping the babies away from me. I didn't have any contact for the first few minutes as they tried to get closer. Now I knew of the fact that at first, the dolphins will be curious, and that they would slowly be approachable and after a few minutes and try to get friendly with me so didn’t care much of the distance and I wondered and waited.

As expected, after a few long minutes, I was surrounded by the oh so cute baby dolphins. Yeah, it's great, their acting like puppies wanting to lick your face and get your attention. They rubbed against me from every side possible and in every direction and continued close contact. It's really tough to swim without bumping a baby and trying to stay a float. This is the best ever!

At times I had to remind myself these are wild creatures and can move very fast, so I made sure to stay aware and treat them with caution and respect. They were going to do whatever they wanted, and I did my best to anticipated their next move and was taken by surprised when a few babies started touching my nose to their noses while making dolphin sounds like they were talking to me and as if I could possibly understand them or really maybe they could understand me... Hey, maybe they can.

Somehow we just know that dolphins and humans hold a millenary relationship and share a fascinating bond. These beautiful creatures hold some sort of secret and power to life. I feel that way every time I'm near them, and you too will discover that for yourself.

You'll find being around dolphins just brings a wonderful experience to your life. Those beautiful creatures are a big ball of happiness and their friendly nature seems to help everyone around them to relax and enjoy their presence... you gotta hug a dolphin.
So, I had the chance to swim with the dolphins, and I did.

It just feels like they know something special about us, by the way they interact, and it's amazing how easily and swiftly we find ourselves connected and just being in love with them.

Derek Wolf

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