The Boardwalk Suitcase woman

The other day while my visit to the beach, I was drawn towards this homeless woman walking down the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. The pull was as strong as a moth drawn to a flame.

My attention was. She had three small-wheeled suitcases, and one large suitcase with her. By the looks, it was easy to say that her mind was wandering off to somewhere else as she was lazily pulling the suitcases without any idea of her stuff draping everywhere. 

I sat on the boardwalk with the ocean behind me and enjoyed the cool breeze that was continuously hitting my back

My eyes were busy carefully watching people passing to my left and right as they walked, jogged, sped by on electric everything and then all of a sudden she, the suitcase woman caught my attention. Not at first but I had taken notice of her position that was just north of where I was sitting, between Chrystal Pier and Belmont Park by lifeguard tower 25.

Like someone recreating a scene from a movie, the woman rolled two suitcases towards me, about forty feet and then stopped, looked back and returned for the rest of her housing. She continued with her act long past me till she was out of my sight while still heading towards Belmont Park. I know you're wondering many things. What did she look like? Did I talk with her? Do I have a photo or what?

To answer all of those I can only say that she was younger than me, and with a flicker of eye contact that was shared between us amidst the scene, I had a feeling that I knew about her life because that's who she was or became. To hold so many emotions in one's eye, it's a matter of some unexplainable experiences, I guess. 

Well, I suppose what I can share is this with you. Life hurt my heart that day to witness, and I'm quite sure more of her life experiences were buried deeper within her heart yet full to the touch. Because of the suitcase women, my life has gained another chapter.

Derek Wolf

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