Women, horses and men



A horse woman knows that when working with a horse you want to see several things just like working with the men in their lives  and that is to see if they can be trained. Oh, did I just say that.
TALK SOFTLY: First she's gotta talk softly as she moves real slow forward but not have you notice that she is noticing at you. (looking just slightly off center) as not to scare the giant beast.

MAGIC ROPE: As the woman approaches while softly speaking and taking time to pause from time to time in her steps forward adding to your confusion and with one hand she's touching your face while lightly slipping this "you are mine" magic rope past your nose over your head to rest around your neck. (it's all love)

WILD HORSE verses SPOILED: This is an important part of the "horse woman" evaluation as she has got to get your feet moving because she's gotta decide if you're a wild horse or a spoiled horse. (think of all the ways a woman has gotten your feet to move.)
Did you know a "wild horse" is easier to train.
A spoiled horse has had other trainers in his life and may have developed a few bad habits even on his own. Now the previous horse woman may have helped in the progress and that's okay and appreciated. Let's move on as this is a much bigger topic.

LICKING LIPS: the horse woman must know just how long to create pressure and when to release that pressure every time. (note: pressure is increased over time) But, once the pressure has been released and the "horse" becomes relaxed the tale tale sign is the horse will lick his lips to let her know he now understands and complies and now he get a treat or reward. (you can read into this)

WHAT AM I TRYING TO SAY: The horse and the horse woman decide together if they are going to match. Be your partners match...

TRAINING DAY: I was lucky enough to capture this photo of this beautiful horse and horse woman and wanted to share it with you. NOTE: The horses name is Believe.
It's Monday all day. Are you going out for errands, do you have plenty of gas, did you bring some water with you. Good.


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