Women in the Wild with Cactus

I spotted the woman far away from where I was standing, struggling to hike across the desert sand and walk towards me.

Seeing her and noticing her slow steps marching towards my place, I started putting my camera inside my backpack (some previous encounters have taught me to be cautious rather than be sorry).

With her eyes filled up with tears, the woman had a hard time managing to speak out, and thus she pointed towards me by slowly raising her left hand and then moved her fingers to point around her backside close to her hinny, butt, arse? (pick whatever you would like to call it)

Once finishing pointing at her hinny, she once again looked at me, still with tears in her eyes, and before she can open her mouth and say anything, I decided to find out the problem….”Do you want me to remove the cactus?” I asked while looking at her poor condition, and as if she felt somewhat relieved by my approach, the woman nodded her head in a hurry and said, ‘cactus?’ with her broken words while still crying.

Hey, don’t leave. Stay with me as the story continues…..

So, after successfully removing the cactus from her hinny, I was happy to help oblivious of the situation that some of the cactus had traveled beyond her jeans and was still attached to her... hinny.

Now, the woman decided I have a kind face and wanted me to help her out further as things are going to be very personal. For all of your curiosity, yes, I did manage to remove the rest of the cactus attached to her hinny. What? Oh, this part was meant to be a secret between her and me. Okay, back to the G-rated story.

Once we managed to settle down the issue, the woman decided to tell me her story of how she fell in trouble. The woman went on and said to me that she decided to take a morning hike, and while on her way, she had to pee. However, while squatting down, she tagged some cactus on her body by sheer misfortune. Getting stung, she thought at first that a snake had bitten her. Pulling up her jeans, which made the pain increase, even more, she caught the sight of the cactus attached to her hippy. Out of pain and agony, she thought she was going to die alone, which made her panic and stress, and that's when she saw me, and I came forward to rescue.

After tears of happiness were shredded and hugs were shared along with the repetition of, "I love you,” a few times, Sandy, the woman I helped, forced me to tag along with her to her camp after it accidentally slipped out of my mouth that I knew where it was. Reaching the campsite, Sandy then told her story to her husband.

Let's just call her husband, "Stress." My feeling from the expressions is Stress didn't find the story that interesting, and Sandy’s kissing my cheek as a thank you gesture sure didn't sell the story. I know, you know, what I mean.

With the look receiving from Stress, I lifted my camera bag onto my back, and with a gleam from his wife's eyes, I wondered back into the desert to my camp.

NOTE: A few days later, as I was visiting the local diner, I spotted Sandy and Stress inside there, grabbing a bite to eat. Deliberately wanting to ignore them, I made my way to the kitchen and then out the back door. I suppose you have to know your escape routes for a situation like this.

Derek Wolf