Introvert photographer. How do I deal with it.

In case you are an introvert who wants to venture into photography, it is quite normal to have doubts about whether you will make a good photographer or not. The thing is, photography is an art that, at times, involves meeting several people and experiencing different cultures, which might be strange for an introvert.

Introverts enjoy spending most of their time alone with minimal to no social interactions. Most of them prefer staying indoors, playing video games, reading, or randomly looking up stuff on the net. It, therefore, becomes quite challenging to completely walk out of the introverted life and become a socially outgoing person all at once. In case you are worried, you have no reason to. Even as an introvert, you can still become the next Richard Avedon.

We will, therefore, look at how an introvert photographer can navigate the field of photography and some of the jobs suited for such a person. You would be shocked if you learnt how many photographers are introverts.

Will I really make it?

I am not saying that being an introvert photographer does not lack its fair share of challenges, but it does not mean that you can't thrive. Remember, introverts are even working in the HR and PR departments, which require tones of social interaction. Being an introvert only means that you value your own time, be it with family or a few close friends.

So, will I make it? Yes. You will. You see, as an introverted photographer, you can finish working for your client and head straight home to the comfort of your room. An extrovert may prefer going on a clubbing spree afterward or drinking till late while meeting different people over a few bottles of beer.

Here are some of the fields you can thrive in well as an introvert photographer.

i) Landscape photography- Landscape photography involves taking photos of different surroundings. You do not, therefore, get to work with people since your subject is mainly nature. This is closely tied to nature photography, which does not involve people.

ii) Street Photography- Now, at the mention of street, you are probably visioning interacting with hundreds of persons, which is not accurate. As a street photographer, you do not have to interact with your subjects.

As an introverted Photographer, you can invest in candid photography, where your main role will be standing back and enjoying watching people as you take photographs of amazing incidences.

Many other fields do not require you to interact with people and your subjects. All in all, know that you can thrive in all areas of photography.

Introverted photographer's strength.

As an introvert photographer, you must know and take advantage of your strengths and later incorporate them into your business. One of the biggest strengths of introverts is the ability to work alone. Since you enjoy your free time alone, you can read a lot of information and journals about photography. You could also spend that time looking up photography videos on the net so that you get to sharpen your skills.

Now, one thing that people do not take seriously is the fact that photography is an ever-growing field that requires lots of learning. Taking time to read photography books and watch videos, therefore, gives you an edge over other photographers and helps you gain levels with your photography.
Well, running a photography business does not stop with taking pictures. No. A lot of work happens behind the scene, which is usually lonely. Now, this is a place you can thrive well as an introvert photographer.

Since you are used to doing things alone with less to no social interactions, you are probably going to take your time and channel all your efforts into editing your pictures to come up with amazing masterpieces that will sell you far and wide. You, therefore, have an edge over extroverts who cannot easily manage several hours alone. You also get more time to organize your business and interact more with online clients. You are probably going to spot a gig that needs photographers faster than an extrovert since you are always on the net, looking up for something or reading a blog.

Here are some of the ways you can build and thrive in any field of photography as an introvert, whether socially demanding or not:

Create an introvert-friendly work environment

You have to appreciate the fact that you are an introvert and try not to alter that forcefully because you will be over-stretching. The good thing about photography is that most of the work is usually done behind a desk, somewhere away from human interaction. You, therefore, have to create an introvert-friendly environment with minimum social interaction. I would advise that you choose a place where you will be alone most of the time, let's say an at-home office and not a coffee shop or a studio.

One of the perks of being self-employed is the fact that you are in control of almost everything concerning your business. As an introvert, working from home will energize you so that you have an easy time when going out to meet a client.

Invest in online interactions

The internet is one of the best avenues for sourcing clients, one thing that gives introvert photographers an edge over their counterparts. As an introvert, therefore, you should give your all to online interactions. How do I achieve good online interaction? Simple. Just create a great experience for your current and future clients. How do I do this? Make sure that your clients get a good idea of who you are and be thoughtful in your responses. You should also arm yourself with tones of knowledge and information on photography to build confidence in the client.

Before you invest a lot in online interaction, however, be sure first to know your audience. Now human beings are diverse, and all of us have our preferences in life. To build confidence, one might want a one on one meeting in a public place which calls for you to be flexible.

Acknowledge the fact that you are an introvert

Being an introvert is not a bad thing. It is not something that you need to overcome. No. Being an introvert has its perks, similar to being an extrovert. It would, therefore, be highly advantageous if you infused your introversion into your brand. If you have a website, it would be wise to mention that you are introvert in the 'about me' section so that your clients have a good idea of who they are dealing with and do not, therefore, bombard you with several meetups.

Employ other people to deal with the social aspects

While running a photography business, it is not a must that you take the photographs or be at the center of it all. You could get another photographer to perform all the social activities while you attend to behind the scene duties that are the most prominent in photography. This might, however, apply to people who have been around for a while and not a beginner who might still be sourcing tor clients. You can, therefore, tend to the editing, writing photography blogs, the online communication aspect, or uploading the photos on your website.

Bringing others on board also widens your client base since you can collectively be on the lookout for gigs. It is also good to be a team.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Now, I know that leaving the comfort of your room and laptop to meet clients or take pictures at a wedding might be hard. As a photographer, however, you have to step out of your comfort zone. In as much as everybody charts his or her way in photography, it remains one of the most competitive fields.

As an introvert, you are probably uncomfortable with social interactions. I am not saying that you should sleep and wake up an extrovert the next day, but you can begin with baby steps such as attending networking events and interacting with a few people. The best way to overcome the discomfort in social settings is by embracing it and striving to do better. Try and meet other photographers or get yourself a mentor. Communication and special skills are aspects of human life that can be developed over time.

It is not a weakness to accept that you are an introvert. It is not a weakness to try to develop social skills too. Remember, some jobs will require a lot of social interactions, and you are probably not going to miss a paycheck because you prefer being comfortable at home with less social interaction.

Being an introvert photographer may have its fair share of challenges, but it is doable. We have introverts in even more social departments, such as public relations. You can also choose a field that has minimum social interactions, such as landscape photography. If you are an introvert trying to set up a business, I hope that this article has been helpful. Remember, introversion is not a weakness that you need to overcome; it is a strength that you need to utilize.


Derek Wolf
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