That's not the shape of my heart

That's not the shape of my heart.

They knew each other in their twenties and now their not but as they pass each other to sit at the morning oak table with creaky chairs they begin to talk about the many of conversations that have been spoken before that morning and the mornings beyond reaching to the past one hundred years of the others who sat before.

The candle is lit and the cold air shows itself with dancing shadows on top of the coffee cups.

Sixty Years On

Sixty Years On

I can not hide your stories anymore, maybe they do kill the messenger but you have to know who's story is being told. Is it yours. Don't think so much of yourself. You gave me your stories.

Sixty Years on: Each step my heels to toes are getting closer and I feel my body wanting to shuffle across the floor as to keep my sanity from falling. You who are young can not know what my story is however I have lived much of yours and we are not so different. You think of yourself way to much as I do.

Our Little Girls

 When do we become kind to our little girls?

Do we embrace them as someone special when they’re born, or do we miss the moment? One day they all will show signs of their bodies maturing maybe before they’re ready. Do we embrace them for their experience, or do we make them painfully aware?

A little girl at five years old is showing signs of growing breasts. Do we protect her from what she is about to endure with chest grabbing, foul language, and attacking her spirit?

Into the Kai

Kai is the Hawaiian word for ocean; and whether you were born in Hawaii or are a haole (non Polynesian), you’re going to have a relationship with the kai when you are there. The stories I’m about to share with you offer some insights that might save someone’s life…and sometimes not. That’s just a fact.

In the Hawaiian Islands, each part of the coastline is unique to herself; and depending upon the time of year, month, and weather conditions, the kai will demand your undivided attention.

"Oh, Deer” or “Oh, Dear”?

The trees in the Oregon forest designed a beautiful open field where deer and moose grazed and where I could discover a wonderful photo to share with you. A sky-bound tree would become my early morning friend as we waited for the sunrise; and just like that, I fell asleep listening to the music of nature.

Something was breathing on my face. I slowly open my eyes to witness the biggest moose looking at me looking at him. One lick to my face and he waked away like a drunk person with his wobbly legs.

The Boardwalk Suitcase woman

The other day while my visit to the beach, I was drawn towards this homeless woman walking down the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. The pull was as strong as a moth drawn to a flame.

My attention was. She had three small-wheeled suitcases, and one large suitcase with her. By the looks, it was easy to say that her mind was wandering off to somewhere else as she was lazily pulling the suitcases without any idea of her stuff draping everywhere. 

I sat on the boardwalk with the ocean behind me and enjoyed the cool breeze that was continuously hitting my back

Mist of a Memory

We needed to get further into our future.

There's a time in our lives where we're slipping between our days from being a child to becoming a confused adult.

We rocket like the Rocketman with Elton John. We think we're on this timeless flight, without any clue of whether we're really going to crash or land safely. An unknown feeling overcomes our mind, and we sense that safety may not be an option.

Her name is Oahu

I first met her fifty plus years ago. I was taken with her from the moment she came into my life. She was intoxicating. I found myself wanting, and then needing, to spend more time with her. 


We started with walks on the beach, a shared glass of wine, and the warm glow of the sunset, only to be surprised by the morning sun rising. I think I shared more of myself than I had thought I would.


Throughout the day I continue to feel her whispers enveloping my body. I’ve heard whispers like this many years ago but from somewhere, someplace else; or maybe it was all just a faded dreamscape memory.


SKIN HUNGER: Did you know "skin hunger" is a real thing?

SHARING:  my thought and feelings in the park one day with someone who means the world to me and with her response... that's food hunger!

WELL, HUG ME THEN: Skin hunger describes our universal need to be touched and, like true hunger, the health consequences of being starved of it.

YESTERDAY: was a great day to be at the San Diego Balboa Park to just sit on a park bench with someone you love and feel the slight breeze brushing faces with our growing conversation.

SQUIRRELS: It seems the squirrels are not so shy any longer and if you're not careful they might just run up your pant leg in protest for food as we almost discovered.

SUNSETTING: as the sun was casting long shadows I was able to capture a few photos of the buildings in the park and here's a special capture for you to enjoy.

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